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Greeting Card Launch Kit

Greeting Card Launch Kit

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What is in the starter pack?

  • It comes with enough materials to earn over $40
  • Printed quick start guidebook
  • Lifetime access to our online courses (get started for free)
  • The education needed to start any type of business
  • The unbridled excitement of making that first sale
  • Freedom from begging parents for stuff 
  • Growth mindset

This is the perfect experience for any kid. 

Some parents will wait until their children have almost grown-up before they start to offer lessons about earning, spending, and saving money. By then it may be too late, unfortunately. Like all of the most important habits, finance is best started early

We make it easy for your kids. 

This business-in-a-box kit contains everything that your aspiring entrepreneur, mogul, or professional needs to lay the groundwork for financial independence. This is a tool that goes far beyond any classes your child may be lucky enough to take in school. It is a comprehensive, in-depth platform, to elevate your child above his or her peers – to teach persistence, creativity, problem-solving, planning, and of course, investing.

You know what you want: to feel confident that you have set your child up for success. We all want to give our children the breaks that we didn't get. When we get older, we want to see all that they have accomplished and feel satisfied with the job we did raising them.

To put this another way, we want them to do better than us.

Beeso makes that possible. Our kit walks your child, in a way that is logical but accessible, through an entire business launch. It features clear, straightforward steps, which work in conjunction with our online course and enough supplies to earn an honest day's pay!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Camillo Archuleta
My kid is loving it!

Amazed at how easy it is for my kid to get started.

Elijah's Mom

“I love that he has something he likes to do and can help other people while learning about money, budgeting and supporting community causes. ”

From an 8 year old

I like that I get to draw a lot!

From a 5 year old

I like that I make the cards pretty and that I can buy my own legos

From a Dad

It’s always nice to have a project or craft to keep the kids entertained and it’s a great opportunity to teach Liam about money