How we teach business

Look! We all know that kids learn by doing. 

Even getting them to watch videos can be hard. Getting them to read can be even harder. 

But they do love being able to buy their own Robux, V-bucks, or just getting regular bucks. We built the Beeso course so that your kids aren't just watching videos. Our business is based on helping kids to start earning money on day one. We do it through a case study on the greeting card business. But, in learning about greeting cards they are learning the lessons included in the materials below. 

The cover of the business model generation book. This is a book by Alexander Osterwilder

Business Model Canvas

In universities and startup accelerators all across the country they are using something called the business model canvas.

The business model canvas allows you to see and understand how an entire business works. But, everthing is on one page.

The end of jobs

It used to be that if you just went to college and earned a degree you would get a good job. We now live in a world where that isn't necessarily true.

We now live in an amazing time though where it is easy learn almost any skill, and it is possible to create and run a multi-million dollar business on your own.

Jobs to be done